3D Secure
3D Secure authentication is enabled in this payment process and card holders may be required to authenticate their cards in order to transact successfully.

3D Secure is MasterCard and Visa’s free online security program available to all of their cardholders and is now a compulsory new step when paying with your credit card on line, for extra protection to avoid internet fraud.

If a card is registered for this service, you, the cardholder, will be redirected to a page hosted by their bank every time they purchase online. On this page you will be prompted to enter your password or pin number. If all of the details are correct then the transaction will be processed, if not the transaction will be stopped.

In the case of a 3D Secure decline, we recommend that the customer contact their bank’s 3D Secure Call Centre to find out more information on why their particular transaction was declined.

You could also link through to the official MasterCard SecureCode

(http://www.mastercard.us/support/securecode.html) and Verified-by-VISA (http://usa.visa.com/personal/security/visa_security_program/vbv/verified_by_visa_faq.html) sites should clients want more information. If they would like more information from their own banks, below are the 3D Secure call centre numbers for the 4 major SA banks:

ABSA : 012 317 3344
FNB : 011 369 2800 or 011 369 2999
Nedbank : 0868 555 111
Standard Bank : 0861 201 311

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